Step 1: Set Up Content


As part of your account creation with a Solution Template, we have added some sample entity types and entities to get you off the ground. During this step, we want to make sure that your Page Builder template returns your brand’s actual data instead of placeholder data. You will add a Location entity to your platform that you’ll see in your Page Builder preview.

Adding Content

There are 2 primary ways to add content:

  1. In the Yext UI, using single entity add
  2. Using entity upload to upload spreadsheets of data

We’ll go through the single entity add option now. Check out the Upload Your Data training module to learn about entity upload.

Single Entity Add

  1. To add entities individually in the Yext platform, go to Content > Entities in the navigation bar.

  2. Click + Add Data and select the entity type you’d like to add under the Add Single Entity header in the dialog box.Add Single Entity

  3. Fill in the core information you want to include (such as Name, Categories, etc.) For Locations, be sure to fill in the Address and Main Phone as well.

  4. Expand the Additional Settings section at the bottom of the dialog box. Select the Country, Folder, Language, and Entity ID of the entity you are adding. The screen will refresh to include the appropriate fields for the settings you choose. Then, click Save. Additional Settings

  5. A banner message will appear at the top of the Entities screen with an option to continue editing your new entity. Click this to go into the Entity Edit screen for the entity you just created.

Continue editing 6. Fill in any other information by clicking into a field, adding content, and then clicking “Save”. Repeat for each field you want to populate. For Locations, we recommend you at least fill in Description, Hours, and Primary CTA.

Entity edit

light bulb
Build with Turtlehead Tacos
Not ready to use your brand’s data? Start with a sample Location entity from Turtlehead Tacos using the below content:
Country: US
Type: Location
Folder: none
Language: English
Name: Turtlehead Tacos
Primary Category: Food & Dining > Restaurant
Address: 3301 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Main Phone: 9705556451
Entity ID: Loc2
Description: Hungry for Tacos? Fan of “Chips & Guac”? Turtlehead Tacos is the destination for you. With locations globally, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most delicious, fresh tacos daily. Visit us in Fort Collins, CO today!
Hours: 12PM-11PM every day
Primary CTA: Label - “Order Now”, Type - URL, Link - “”