Step 6: List Services

To check on what services are currently being provisioned through your account, you can make the below call:


Response Body:

	"meta": {
		"uuid": "00dffa6b-f175-4546-bba6-9260d01eed74",
		"errors": []
	"response": {
		"count": 1,
		"services": [{
			"id": 132483,
			"sku": "SKU-00000275",
			"serviceDescription": "Knowledge Engine Starter",
			"agreementId": 878,
			"locationId": "BCC-6364487045",
			"locationAccountId": "BCC-6364487045",
			"status": "ACTIVE",
			"started": "2017-01-12"

By default, this endpoint will return all currently active services. To return any stopped or future services, add a status parameter to the URL.

For more information, see the documentation for the Services: List endpoint.