Step 1: Retrieve Available Services

To see a list of the services that are available for you to add to the Locations you manage, you can make the below call:


Response Body:

	"meta": {
		"uuid": "3cd4cf1e-9e85-4dac-acef-f9a7a2dafd73",
		"errors": []
	"response": {
		"availableServices": [{
			"sku": "SKU-00000275",
                        "serviceDescription": "Knowledge Engine Starter",
			"agreementId": "878"
		}, {
			"sku": "SKU-00000309",
                        "serviceDescription": "Knowledge Engine Professional",
			"agreementId": "878"
		"count": 2

This request returns the SKUs that are available to use. To understand which SKUs should be used for your particular agreement, please work with your Yext Account Manager.

For more information, see the documentation for the List Available Services endpoint .