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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The types of filters you can use to organize reviews
  • How to create rules that automatically label reviews

How to Create Review Labeling Rules

Review Labeling rules are a great way to save time and organize your reviews without the need to constantly manually add them. We will take you through some of the most common Review Labels in the next unit.

The Types of Filters You Can Use to Organize Reviews

The criteria for labeling rules is the same as the options available for basic and advanced filters:

  • Awaiting Response
  • Comments
  • Date (the date the review or one of its comments was last updated)
  • Entity
  • Entity ID
  • Entity Labels
  • Flagged
  • Folder
  • Generated
  • Rating
  • Recommendation (only applies to Facebook Recommendations)
  • Responses
  • Review Content (includes a regex matching option)
  • Review Date (the original date of the review as provided by the publisher)
  • Review Labels
  • Review Type
  • Reviewer Name
  • Sites
  • Status
  • Update Status

Note: Advanced Filters are “AND” filters, not “OR” filters. This means if you apply multiple filters, the review will have to satisfy all filter criteria to be included.

How to Create Rules that Automatically Label Reviews

  1. Turn on Automatic review labeling by navigating to the Review Labels section of Account Settings and toggling “Turn on/off automatic review labeling” to On.
  2. Navigate to the Your saved labeling rules item in the Review Labels section under Reviews > Configuration in the navigation bar, or select Manage Review Labels from the More Actions dropdown menu on Reviews > Monitoring. add a labeling rule button
  3. Click on the + Add a labeling rule link and enter a Rule Name.
  4. Set the criteria for your rule.
  5. To add additional criteria, click + Add Filter.
  6. Once you have selected your filter criteria, select the labels that should be applied when a new review enters the platform meeting these criteria. You can select from the list that appears or create a new label here and add it to the review by entering a name for it followed by a comma. add a review label rule
  7. Click Add Labeling Rule to save your rule.
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