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When to Create Review Labeling Rules

Review Labeling rules are built by brands in order to increase efficiency. They can help to streamline your organization’s review response, customer care, review analysis, and more. Below are some common use cases for creating Review Labeling rules.

What are Common Use Cases for Review Labels?

Label reviews awaiting response as “Needs Response” This rule is used often by organizations that try to respond to 100% of reviews, or as many reviews as possible. The label makes it easy to sort and see a list of action items.

Label reviews by assigning them to a specific user’s name like “Nick” This rule can be used to help assign a review to a specific team member to respond or take a look at if it is relevant to them. This will make it easy for the right person to find relevant reviews as quickly as possible.

Label reviews that need to be escalated within the organization as “Needs Escalation” There are a number of reasons that reviews coming in may need escalation. Many times they will need to be shared with corporate marketing, legal, customer support, or other teams before being responded to. This label can help you easily escalate reviews to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Label reviews with inappropriate language as “Needs Flagging” No brand wants to see reviews with inappropriate language on their listings or website. This label makes it easy to find these reviews and flag them as quickly as possible.

Label reviews that have been updated since last response as “Needs Attention” This rule can be used to help you stay informed when a user changes their initial review. When this happens the content of the review, or the star rating, may change which could require an adjustment in your response. This label makes it easy to find these reviews and flag them as quickly as possible for you to respond (or update your response) accordingly.

Label reviews containing the word “pizza” as “Food” One of the most popular rules is to organize the content of reviews. This often includes categorizing a product or service to make it easier to group reviews. Many times, a business will create labels for their most popular initiatives to make it easier to track customer reviews mentioning those keywords.

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