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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • The steps needed to implement multi-language support on Pages


Many brands must deliver content across multiple languages, and Pages makes it super simple to implement multi-language support.

Only two steps are required to implement basic multi-language support:

  1. Set up language profiles for Content entities
  2. Configure Streams to accept multiple profiles

We’ll give a brief explanation of each step, and then walk through creating your own multi-language version of Turtlehead Tacos (our demo site) in the following sections.

ml pages overview

Content Language Profiles

Content entities support language profiles, which allow you to set up language-specific field values. In the case where a location entity has an English and a Spanish profile, the description field could be written in English and Spanish respectively.

You can think of a language profile as a separate view into an entity, where certain fields have different, language-specific values. The Content imposes rules on how field values relate across entities, and you should go through this Hitchhikers module for further details.

Streams for Multi-Lang

Streams supports simple access of multi-lang fields through the top-level locales field. By specifying an array of desired language profiles in your stream config, Pages will automatically generate screens for each language profile.

The beauty of Pages multi-lang support is its simplicity. Once you have configured language profiles in the Content, you can easily access the field values in your front-end code without any extra work.

In the next two units, we’ll walk you through how to set up multi-language support for Turtlehead Tacos.

Further Details

When you are ready to deploy a multi-language page, refer to this reference doc to make sure your multi-language pages are production-ready.

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