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You want to make sure that more people at Turtlehead Tacos have access to the Yext account. For example, Meredith Xu is on the marketing team and manages all of the restaurant hours and other parts of the website. You want to give her access to update hours and CTAs on any entities in the account. You want her to be able to view all of the analytics as well. Since the CTA field is a custom field, you’ll need to create a Custom Field Permission Group to provide her with specific access to that field.

Your Challenge

  1. Create a Custom Field Permission Group for the CTA field. Navigate to Content > Configuration > Field Permission Groups and click to “+ Add Custom Field Permission Group”.

    • Name it “Call to Action Fields”
  2. Add the “Primary CTA” field to the “Call to Action Fields” Permission Group. Navigate to Custom Fields > Primary CTA field and update the Custom Field Permission Group to “Call to Action Fields”. Click Save.

  3. Navigate to Account Settings > Roles and create a Custom Role for Meredith Xu so that she can only update the hours and CTA custom field group and view analytics.

    • Role Name: Hours & CTA Data Manager
    • Role Description: Role to manage Hours and CTA data and view analytics.
    • Permissions:
      • Content - Hours - Edit
      • Content - Call to Action Fields - Edit
      • Analytics - Report Builder - View
  4. Note: You’ll notice that when you add the Content - Hours - Edit permission that Additional Hours Text - Edit is also checked. They’re tied to the same permission, so you can go ahead and proceed.

  5. Create the user for Meredith Xu using the single add flow or using a spreadsheet (your choice!).

    • Name: Meredith Xu
    • Email:
    • Role: Hours & CTA Data Manager
    • Access to: Full Account
    • When prompted, choose to create a username and enter something unique (e.g., meredithhitchhikertraining-12345)
  6. While you’re here you also want to make one update to our own user profile - you want to set yourself as the Yext Administrator for the account. In your “User Settings” click on the “User Group” field and select “Yext Administrator” from the drop-down.

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