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  • An overview of the new Pages features from the Spring ‘23 Release

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New Release Features
For a full list of features, visit the Spring ‘23 Release Notes .

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Studio (Preview)

Yext will continue development of Studio based on feedback from beta testers. As a result, we cannot commit to a date when Studio will transition out of beta and become eligible for general availability.

With the launch of Studio, your team can build fully customized websites without writing code. Studio is a visual editor that allows non-technical users to create, edit, preview, and publish websites. Since Studio is built on the same infrastructure that coders use, developers, business users, and content editors can easily collaborate in building websites.

How This impacts You

Studio will open a world of new possibilities for how your team creates web content. Previously with Yext’s Page Builder, you could create SEO landing pages with drag and drop modules (commonly referred to as ‘What You See Is What You Get’, or WYSIWYG), but customization of these pages was limited.

With Studio, you have full control over authoring website components, designing content layouts, and editing styling systems. What’s more, any updates in the Knowledge Graph seamlessly flow to your website after publishing with no additional effort.

Studio is not only far more intuitive and gives non-technical users more flexibility to create custom websites, but it also leverages the same Pages infrastructure that developers use.

Feature Availability

Studio will be available as a Preview Feature on April 19th with General Availability of the Spring ‘23 Release. For more details on Preview Features, visit our Account Features documentation.

Additional Resources

Directory Manager UI

The Directory Manager UI allows you to programmatically construct a directory of entities and relationships in your Knowledge Graph, based on a set of configurable logic. You can use the Directory Manager to quickly generate the entities needed to represent your brand’s data model, whether it be for a locations directory website, e-commerce catalog, or healthcare network.

One challenge with maintaining a directory is keeping it up-to-date; some data models have hundreds, or thousands, of intricate relationships, which are difficult to keep in lockstep as entities are updated. The Directory Manager not only helps you construct relationships in your graph, but it also actively maintains the logical hierarchy of relationships in response to entity updates.

Once you create a Directory Manager resource, you can navigate to Pages > Directory Manager to run the directory manager based on the specified configuration. You can also view Directory details such as a log of Directory runs, and a summary of your configuration, or easily access the Admin Console to create or edit a Directory.

How This impacts You

Use the Directory Manager to easily power a Pages website or a Search frontend experience that showcases a tree of related entities. Data “relationships” are becoming ever more important for SEO and NLP (natural language processing). When your data is structured as a relational tree in the Knowledge Graph, it’s easy to use this to power internal links and enriched schema.

You can use the Pages Locations Starter repo to spin up pages for these entities and directory pages based on these relationships.

Feature Availability

To turn this feature on in your account, navigate to Account Settings > Account Features and select Spring ‘23: Directory Manager UI (early access).

Additional Resources

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