Analytics: Report Builder Updates (Fall '20 Release)

We’ve added new dimensions and filters to Report Builder to make it easier to analyze Answers and Conversion Tracking data within the platform!

With this release, we’ve added the following new dimensions and filters:

  • Has Knowledge Graph Results: Indicates whether results were returned from content in the Knowledge Graph for an Answers search
  • Conversion Trigger: Differentiates between the trigger types (Tag or Click) that are attributed to Conversions, making it easier to 1) debug during the Conversion Tracking setup process, and 2) analyze the value created between the two trigger types
  • Value Proposition: Represents the two current value propositions outlined in Conversion Tracking that are aligned to a specific set of Conversion Types: Revenue Generating (Purchase, Lead, Page View, Sign Up, and Other) and Cost Savings (Customer Support, Other). Previously, filtering to this data in Report Builder or creating a custom insight required manually selecting the set of filters for each proposition. This was time-consuming and error-prone. With this new dimension and filter, you can more easily make comparisons between the two

We’ve also added the following dimensions/filters to create parity between the two:

  • New Dimensions (previously only available as a filter):
    • Configuration Version Label
    • Traffic Source
  • New Filters (previously only available as a dimension):
    • Conversion Action
    • Medium
    • Medium Type
    • Search Term (Normalized)
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