Answers New Metrics, Dimensions, and Filters

We’ve added new dimensions and filters to Report Builder to make it easier to analyze Answers data within the platform.

We’ve added the following new metrics:

  • Search Terms
  • Knowledge Graph Result Rate

We’ve also added the following new dimensions and filters:

  • Blank Search Term
  • Click Direct Answer
  • Click Label
  • Click URL
  • Click Type
  • Result Backend Type
  • Result Vertical Position
  • Result Entity Position
  • Result Entity ID
  • Result Entity
  • Search ID
  • Search with Click
  • Search Term Cluster
  • Search Term Intent
  • Session ID
  • User Device Class
  • User City
  • User Country
  • User Locale
  • User Lat, Long
  • User Location Accuracy
  • User - External / Internal

To learn more about Answers analytics visit the Answers Analytics training unit, or visit the Available metrics help article for a full list of metrics.