Applying Filters from URL

A great search experience is one that brands want to link to from all sorts of places, besides a search bar! We have customers that want to link out to their search results from many different places within the site. Oftentimes, these are targeted or contextual use cases, like including a search to all doctors with a specialty from that Specialty’s landing page. While some customers have made this work, it took a lot of extra effort.

We’re making this even easier with the ability to apply filters from the URL directly. You will not need to do anything to get this extra functionality; hitting back and refreshing the page will show you how the filters remain applied. You’ll also notice that the filters themselves have changed. We no longer use index based filtering (like filterbox[0]=afilter), instead we represent the full field name. With a few exceptions, this matches the request we pass to the backend to apply the filter.

:spiral_calendar: This feature will be available in General Access.

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I recall that previously, the guidance was to use URLs that pointed to queries that applied the NLP filter. That meant that, each time the link was clicked, a new search was run, which had search capacity implications.

For this new feature, will the URL still run a search that counts against the search capacity?

Hi Ariana,

Yes, clicks to these new URLs will still count towards search capacity since users are running searches with these particular NLP filters applied.

Right now is it only possible to trigger facets/filters in the URL?

If so, are there any plans to support NLP filtering or other algorithms in the future?

Hi Henry, it’s only possible to do facets, static filters and sorts, but NLP filters are on our roadmap for the future.