Default option for Google My Business connection should be neutral

When connecting multiple GMB Listings to a Yext account from a Partner Portal perspective, when a matching GMB Listing is not shown for the locations you are connecting, the default option is to “Add a new GMB page”. This unnecessary duplicate listing creation can cause Google to flag a business’ account and have negative repercussions. This can be problematic when you are connecting multiple GMB listings in multiple categories that need to be connected separately, and the Yext UI does not immediately recognize connections so you may unknowingly create a duplicate listing. If you changed the default option on this drop-down choice to Skip instead of Add new GMB listing, this would cause less problems and make it easier for users to manage multiple connections

. Image attached for clarity.

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll be sure to take this feedback into account as we continue to explore ways to improve this workflow for partners.


I really wish that I would have known this prior to linking my GMB yesterday… I was promptly smacked with a GMB suspension.
I have determined that using Yext on GMB (and possibly Facebook) is a very bad idea for this reason, and I think that you should disable the Google feature unless they explicitly say that they would like a GMB listing created.
The thing is, I was just linking it in order to explore the Reviews functionality… :confused:

I learned the hard way as well @Tony_Roberts – sorry this happened to you too. Hopefully, the Product Team sees our reasons for this workflow to change.

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Hi @Tony_Roberts and @Ashley_Godish,

Thanks so much for this valuable feedback! Our product team has taken these instances into account and is working on ways to improve this listing connection process. We’ll be sure to update the community as changes are made.


HI @Ashley_Godish -

Thanks again for submitting this request. We have gone ahead and migrated your request to our new Ideas board. As you may know, Ideas is a new feedback platform within Hitchhikers where users can submit product ideas or feature requests. By doing so, other users along with @Tony_Roberts can upvote and share comments in support of your Idea.

Check back on the Ideas board for updates on this request here: Default option for Google My Business connection should be neutral

Lastly, please note that given the new Ideas forum to share requests, we will be deprecating this category of the Community by end of the month. Let me know if you have any further questions.