October 19, 2021: Hitchhikers Office Hours

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I want to know how to create a listing that looks similar to the attached photo. I have a listing that will require multiple locations to be listed and then we need “sub sections” for each of the correct pages that people are looking for.

Hi Sydney,

Welcome to the Community! Can you clarify what you’re looking to do?

The screenshot you included is not a listing and is actually an ad from Yext on Google.

For listings, each location would have their own set of listings across publishers. For example, the screenshot below is a Google listing for the Yext New York location and every other location would have a separate Google listing.

You can learn more about the Yext Listings product by checking out our Listings track!

I need to know how you got the sub sections below the main listing.
-Our Products
-Our Network
-About Us
I know how to set up a location listing but we need to have something like you have done above and I am not sure how to do that in Yext itself. I do know that GMB has the ability to do that but does Yext?

Hi Sydney,

The subsections listed on Google are called sitelinks. They are part of Google search results and not controlled by Yext. As explained in this Google article, sitelinks are automated by Google’s algorithm. You can’t change them and Google only surfaces sitelinks when Google thinks they’ll be useful for the user.

However, Google suggests some best practices to improve your sitelinks, including making your page titles/headings descriptive and your page structure easy to navigate. The Yext Pages product can help with your SEO. To learn more about search engine optimization, I recommend going through the first two modules of our Pages track, including this unit on how Yext Pages can help.

One piece of sitelinks you are able to edit is the search bar. If you have Yext Answers live, you can follow these instructions to add a search bar to your sitelinks section that will link directly to the Answers search bar on your site.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Thank you for letting me know and linking outside sources for me to learn more. It is extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to everyone who joined Office Hours!

Today we covered:

  1. Theme 1.25 — Facet Order Options
  2. Sustainability Fields for Hotels
  3. Knowledge Graph Improvements
  4. New Connectors

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