Removing Closed Locations

Hi all,

We have a couple of locations that have been closed for some time now. How can we remove them altogether from showing up in our account? Do we need to remove licenses first?


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Hi there,

Removing locations from your account is a 2-step process:

  1. Remove all licenses
  2. Delete the entities

Removing licenses

To remove licenses from entities, you can:

  1. Navigate to Entity Search

  2. Select the entity or entities that you want to remove licenses from

  3. Click More Actions > Remove Services

  4. Then, you’ll be prompted to indicate what type of services you want to remove. If you’re just removing from Listings, you’ll want to select “Subscriptions” on the left and click “Continue”.

  5. Complete the workflow to finish removing licenses. If you are removing a significant number of licenses at once, it might trigger a ticket to our support to for assistance to make sure that you are completing this properly and to help you along the way.

Protip: Powering Closed Locations - we do recommend keeping your closed location-like entities live on Listings and even Pages or Answers for some period of time after closure. You want to make sure that your repeat customers know that that location has now closed before they make the trip there.

Deleting Entities

To delete an entity from your account, you can:

  1. Navigate to Entity Search
  2. Select the entity or entities that you want to delete
  3. Click “Edit” to enter single or bulk edit view
  4. On the top right, you’ll see a dropdown that says “Select Action”. Click this and select “Delete Entities”
  5. Confirm you want to delete the entities. Note that if you have not removed the entities from licenses per the instructions above you will not be able to complete this step.

Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

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