Search Term Labels

As an Admin, your job is to continuously improve search experiences over time — but sometimes that can get overwhelming when there are thousands of unique queries. You can now manually label individual Search Terms to help in your workflows. Consumers use many different query phrasings to search for the same results, and now with Yext you can easily categorize those similar questions you get from consumers to improve search at scale. Search Term Labels go hand in hand with another new Spring ’21 feature, Clustering, which automatically groups similar searches. Together, these two features give Administrators control over how search terms are grouped and labeled.

You can edit Search Term Labels individually or in bulk in the Search Terms screen under Answers > Experiences. You also can upload these Search Term Labels via CSV upload.

Once you add Search Term Labels, you can use them for the following purposes:

  • Filtering Search Terms
  • Filtering in Analytics
  • Running targeted Version Comparisons

To learn more about Search Term Labels, visit the Search Terms unit.