Google Call History | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

With Google’s Call History feature, you can track calls made to your Google Business Profile listing from customers who found your business on Google Search and Google Maps. This feature can help your business:

  • Understand when customers are trying to contact you
  • Respond to missed calls and stay engaged with customers
  • Consolidate your calls across both platforms (Search and Maps) in a single place

Google enabled this feature by adding forwarding numbers behind the call-to-actions (CTAs) on your Knowledge Card, which tracks your customers’ phone numbers, time of call, and a breakdown of answered and missed calls.

NOTE: Google Call History analytics are currently only available for businesses in the United States and Canada. To learn more about Google’s Call History feature, see this Help Article in the Google Business Profile Help Center.

Enable Feature

With Listings, you can enable or disable this feature for your entities within the Yext platform.

  • It can take some time for call history data to appear. We’ve seen it take up to a couple weeks.
  • Data is not retroactive, and we cannot backfill any data. Enabling this feature turns on call forwarding which is Google’s mechanism for tracking the call, so calls are not tracked until the feature is enabled.

For steps on how to enable Google Call History, see the Enable or Disable Google Call History help article.

Call History Analytics

Businesses that turn on Call History, can also view the following metrics under the Location Listings section in Report Builder:

  • Answered Calls – Total number of calls that were answered
    • Dimensionable by:
      • Month (total number of answered calls by month)
  • Missed Calls – Total number of calls that were missed
    • Dimensionable by:
      • Month (total number of missed calls by month)
      • Time of Day (total number of missed calls received in each hour of the day)
      • Day of Week (total number of missed calls received on each day of the week)

For steps on how to create a Google Call History report, see this Help Article .

These analytics are also available via the Analytics API.

Example Reports

Missed and Answered Calls by Month

Missed Calls by Day of Week

Missed Calls by Time of Day (Hours)

Missed Calls by Hour for a Specific Entity

You can also filter calls reports by anything in the Entities filter folder to drill down to calls by entity or set of entities. This includes things like Country, Entity, Entity type, and Folder.