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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • A quick overview of review response
  • Why review response is important
  • How Yext helps you optimize your review response strategy

What is Review Response?

Your customers are leaving reviews about your brand every day, and most expect a response . Review response allows you to respond to reviews directly within your monitoring platform which immediately posts your response directly on the publisher site.

How Yext Helps You Optimize for Review Response

Yext's review response

Review response is one of the best ways to engage your customers after they have had an experience with your brand, and increase your star rating. Yext provides the tools and best practices to optimize your review response strategy. Below we have highlighted some of the key functionality available. We will be diving deeper into each of these areas throughout the Reviews track.

Response options to fit your needs.

Whether you are a member of the corporate team, the customer care team, a local manager, or a trusted partner, Yext provides response options that make your job easier. This includes a variety of web and mobile interfaces to respond to reviews as seamlessly as possible.

Advanced review response functionality.

Intelligent Review Response takes Yext’s best practices for building an effective response, and rolls them into an easy-to-use feature. Harnessing the power of Sentiment Analysis, users can quickly determine the important keywords in each review, then use those keywords, and underlying sentiment, as the dynamic building blocks for a personalized, on-brand response — every time.

Response process organization.

Foster collaboration, brand control, and flexibility using tools that are built to support review response best practices. Support your users with approval workflows, review labeling, pre-built integrations, and more, so that the right reviews are responded to by the right people in a timely manner.

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