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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How Yext releases new features
  • How Hitchhikers can access features early
  • Where to discuss new features in the Community

Releases at Yext

At Yext, we have two ways of releasing new features to users:

One is through a thrice yearly Seasonal Release that every Yext customer has access to just for using our product. Every Spring, Summer, and Fall we allow all accounts thirty days of Early Access to try the new features before we turn them on for everyone at General Availability. To get them during Early Access, you’ll have to turn on the features under Account Settings. You’ll learn more about how to do this in the Account Features unit in the Platform Basics track.

As power users we think you deserve the perk of early access to our new features as soon as they’re ready. That’s why all Hitchhikers also have access to our Monthly Releases. If you’re regularly in our platform, we want you to use the latest and greatest features that our product has to offer, especially when they have the potential to increase your productivity or allow you to do more with Yext. That’s where our monthly Hitchhikers releases come in.

How the Monthly Hitchhikers Release Works

Every month around mid-month, you’ll receive an email from us with information about all of the new features in that monthly release. From there, you’ll be able to access documentation on the new features through our Releases page. A link to this page will also be accessible through your Control Center.

In the months where we’re announcing our Seasonal release, you’ll be directed to release notes, which include all of the updates that launched since last season in addition to some recently completed features.

As new features are rolled out to our Hitchhikers community, we update our training to ensure that you know how to get immediate value from them. Look out for a special call-out to indicate that a module or unit has been updated or added.

Note: If you’re an Answers customer, algorithm updates happen a little differently than with other features. Algorithm updates can be applied to your account continuously, monthly, or seasonally, with continuous updates being the default. Your choice will determine when the algorithm update goes live for your account.

How to Try Out New Monthly Features

As a Hitchhiker, you have two ways to try out features early:

  1. Open a challenge! Where applicable, we’ll update challenge environments to include the latest features as they’re announced.
  2. Turn them on in your developer or playground account so you can apply them to your unique use case. All features will be client settable in Sandbox environments up until the General Availability date of the next Seasonal release.

If, after completing training on the new features and getting your hands dirty with them in Sandbox, you decide that it’s appropriate for you and the account you represent to have access to one, some, or all of them in your live environment, you can fill out this form here. Simply include the feature name, your Account ID, and the email you use to log in to Yext to get the feature turned on ahead of Early Access for the next Seasonal Release. This form will also be linked in a tooltip in units that cover new features.

Asking for Help

As always, we want to hear from you with your thoughts on the new features or if you have any questions about how to use them. You probably already guessed it, but the Community is the best way to contact both the Hitchhikers team as well as other power users. Every feature will have a Community post, so navigate to the appropriate one and leave us a comment.

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