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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Introduction to review response
  • Introduction to Yext’s Review Response functionality
  • Introduction to Yext’s Review Response publisher network

Introduction to Review Response

Review monitoring helps you to identify customers that have had poor experiences. Review response gives you the capability to actually reach out to those customers and improve the experience with your brand. This has major benefits including an increased customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation, better brand reputation, and an increased star rating.

For more information on the importance of review response check out the Introduction to Review Response Unit .

Yext’s Review Response functionality

When it comes to review response, each organization has different structure and processes. Yext provides flexible tools and functionality so that regardless of how, where, and when you want to respond to reviews, you have options.

In-platform Review Response

Yext provides a single centralized platform to respond to your reviews from around the web. This helps save time and provides organizational features such as filtering, sorting, notifications, dashboards, and more.

On top of having a single platform, Yext also provides multiple tools to respond to reviews varying from a simple manual response, to more advanced functionality such as templated responses or intelligent responses that leverage sentiment analysis.

Other Review Response Capabilities

In addition to response in the Yext platform, many organizations want increased flexibility to respond to reviews on mobile devices or in their own platforms.

Response on mobile

Using the Knowledge Assistant, your franchisees, local managers, and other local users can respond to reviews on the go using their phones.

response on knowledge assistant

Response on your own platform

Yext’s APIs allow organizations to respond to reviews in their existing platforms.

Yext’s Review Response Network

Users can leverage the Yext platform to respond to a number of publishers in the Publisher Network. These vary depending on a number of factors including geography and industry, but Yext’s Data Partnerships team is constantly looking to increase the network of publishers that Yext can respond to reviews on, and deepen the integration with current publishers.

These publishers include:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • First-Party (your own website)
  • Trustpilot
  • Yell
  • MeinungsMeister
  • WhereTo?
  • GoLocal
  • WebMD
  • And more
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Check out the Publisher Network for the latest publisher functionality.
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