Yext's In-Platform Review Response Functionality

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Where to respond to reviews in the Yext platform
  • The benefits of responding in the Response sub-tab vs the Monitoring sub-tab
  • How to manually respond to reviews

Responding to Reviews in the Yext Platform

There are two main places to respond to reviews within the Yext platform: the Monitoring tab and the Response tab. Organizations choose to respond in each area depending on their processes and what they are comfortable with.

Response Tab

The response tab is where you will be able to see all reviews awaiting a response. This is highly beneficial for those that like a to-do list style, where you can see exactly which reviews you still need to respond to. In this tab you are also able to easily see the publishers which these reviews were left on, and can easily filter to an individual publisher by clicking on the icons at the top or filtering by Site using the filter bar at the top of the screen. Filtering by label and advanced filtering is also available.

response tab

Monitoring Tab

The Monitoring tab is where you will be able to see all reviews, whether you have responded to them or not. This style can be helpful for users who want to be able to easily look at previously responded to reviews, reviews that you are unable to respond to in the platform, and/or high level analytics while responding to reviews. In this tab you can filter by clicking on the analytics at the top, using the basic filter options in the filter bar at the top of the screen, or using the advanced filter functionality.

monitoring tab

How to respond to reviews using freeform text

Whether you are responding to reviews in the Monitoring or Response tabs, writing a freeform response requires the same steps. Pictured below is the Monitoring tab.

  1. Find a review that you would like to respond to and click the Respond button on the right. response in monitoring tab
  2. To respond, simply type your response into the text box and click the Respond or Comment button (depending on the review or publisher).

freeform response

light bulb
To add dynamic text into your response such as author name, city, publisher, or state, you can click on the plus sign on the bottom right of the review modal.

To edit or delete a response that you have already posted, click Respond again on the review that you are trying to edit/delete. Then click on the Edit link to make the changes in the text box or click the Delete link to delete your response.

Note: Editing or Deleting will affect the review response but not the review itself.

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