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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • An introduction to Review Generation
  • An overview of Yext’s Review Generation functionality

Introduction to Review Generation

After monitoring and response, the next step to creating a great reviews management program is asking for additional feedback. Review Generation allows you to reach out to your customers to request authentic reviews. We call these first-party reviews, and you can add those first-party reviews to your own website to enhance your website experience.

Generating reviews helps you to cast a wider net and reach out to all of your customers for feedback. This has major benefits including increased click through rate, additional customer feedback, more accurate customer feedback, and increased checkouts.

For more information on the importance of review monitoring check out the Introduction to Review Generation Unit .

Yext’s Review Generation Functionality

Flexible collection options - Generation options that include email, text, or a static collection page link that can be used to generate reviews everywhere.

Flexible generation collection options

Pre-built templates - Yext provides pre-built invitation templates which will populate with your brand/entity information and send to your customers as seamlessly as possible.

Custom templates - For advanced customization users have the ability to copy an existing template and edit the HTML or create a new template to build the exact look and feel you need.

Review collection forms - Yext provides review collection forms so that your customers can be taken directly from the invitation to leaving a review. All reviews collected feed directly into the Yext platform.

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