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Marty Morris loves Reviews now! Great job proving value!

He wants to start generating reviews but wants to see an example before we start sending out to customers. He really likes the Cartographer email template. You’ll send a single invitation and submit a review so you can show him the full flow.

He also wants to feature the generation URLs in some in-restaurant billboards so you want to be sure to send him a file with the review generation URLs.

Your Challenge

  1. In Knowledge Graph Entity Search screen, filter to the entities with the label “Reviews Challenge” (should be 5 restaurant entities).

  2. Select the 5 entities and click on More Actions > Add Services.

  3. Go through the Add Services flow to add Reviews service to your account. You must have Reviews licenses assigned in order to use Reviews features.

    • In Product Selection, choose Subscriptions and click Continue
    • Check off the box next to the License Pack in the account and click Continue
    • Review the Summary to make sure you are assigning the license pack to 5 entities and click Submit
    • Click Return to Knowledge Graph
  4. If you don’t see “Reviews” in the top navigation, go to Account Settings > Personal Settings and click on the Clear Cache button in the top right of the screen.

  5. Add your Review Generation Privacy Policy.

  6. Navigate to Reviews > Generation and click on Send Invitations.

  7. At the top of the page, click on the “Send Single Invite” tab (by default you are on the “Send Multiple Invites” tab as in most cases you’ll want to do this in bulk).

  8. Send yourself a single invitation.

    • Select the location at 1313 S. 1st Street, Austin, TX (Entity ID 1)
    • Enter your Title, First Name, Last Name
    • Enter your email address
    • Select the “Cartographer” email template
    • Choose your preferred language
  9. Find the email in your inbox (it may take a minute or two). Click the button to “Submit a Review” so you can see what the experience is like for end consumers. Don’t see the email? It’s okay, this can happen especially depending on how strong your spam filter is as this is coming from our sandbox environment. Alternatively, you can go to the entity (ID 1) in Knowledge Graph and scroll down to the Review Generation URL. Open up that URL and post your review there.

  10. Submit a review!

  11. Navigate to Reviews > Response and see the review you left! Feel free to “Approve” the review to move it out of quarantine and respond if you’d like to see the full flow.

  12. Finally, you need to export the review generation URLs for the relevant restaurants so you can use the URLs on different marketing materials. Navigate to the Knowledge Graph. Filter to the entities with the “Reviews Challenge” label, select the entities and click on More Actions > Export Entities.

    • Keep default settings in the first step
    • Export the entity ID, city, region and the review generation URL fields. Remove the Yext ID field.

      Can’t remember how to export? You can revisit this in the Entity Export Module

    • Save the export as “Restaurant Review Generation URLs”

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You must include a first name and last name in your profile to create challenge environments.
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