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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Invitations Table overview
  • Review Generation metrics to monitor

Invitations Table

On the View Invites page under Reviews > Generation, there is a table of all invitations which have been sent, split into separate tabs for “Sent Invites” and “Pending Invites”. The columns in the table are defined below:

  • Entity: A summary of the entity the review was requested for, including a link to the entity edit page
  • Recipient: Name and contact info of the recipient of the request
  • Status: The current status of the sent invites, along with the date & time it was changed to this status. The statuses are as follow:
    • Requested: The invite was requested (these will appear under the “Pending Invites” tab)
    • Sent: Yext’s system sent the request
    • Opened: The recipient opened the invitation (this data is not available for SMS invitations)
    • Clicked: The recipient clicked the link in the invitation
    • Reviewed: The recipient submitted a review via the link in the invitation
  • Review ID: The review ID associated with the review the recipient left

review generation metrics

In the Invitations Table you have the ability to bulk select invitations by checking the boxes on the left.

By clicking on the “More Options” dropdown above the Invitations Table, you will see that you have the ability to Download a CSV of invitations, Download the list of Opt-outs, Export review generation URLs, and Retry Invitations.

review generation invitation options

Metrics to Monitor

There are a number of generation specific metrics available in the Review Generation tab, here are a few you should monitor.

Success Rate - The success rate refers to the percent of invites sent which resulted in a review. Obviously, the higher the better here, you want as many customers leaving reviews as possible. 2% is a standard conversion rate for invitations but this may vary greatly depending on how high-touch the business is.

Average First Party Rating - The average first party rating is also important to monitor, as it may be interesting to compare how the average rating of your first party reviews differs from those reviews left on other sites.

Conversion Rate - The conversion rates at different stages of the email and text invitations is critical to monitor if you want to optimize your success rate. Understanding where in the journey your customers drop off before leaving invitations could help to let you know when to ask, how to ask, what to include in body copy, what to use as a subject line, and more.

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