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All listings in the Publisher Network have a designated status in the Yext platform. This article explains what a Not Synced status means, how to view listings that aren’t synced, and provides more information to resolve listings that aren’t synced. For more information on other statuses, see Listing Statuses .

If a listing status is Not Synced, it means that your data is not being synced to a specific publisher site. Listings may not be synced for a variety of reasons. Some may be fixed by you, while others may need to be resolved by Yext support. And some are not synced due to publisher limitations, where there is no action to take. See below for more information on the categories of listings that aren’t synced:

Actionable by you

  • These can be fixed within the platform. These listings might not be synced because you haven’t filled out a certain field that is required by a publisher, or because you have not linked an account.
    • To view actionable issues, click Listings in the navigation bar, then click All Listings. Next, click on the + Add Filter button, select Actionable as the additional filter, and set it to Yes.

Actionable by Yext

  • These listings aren’t synced and need to be fixed by Yext. These are usually related to publisher issues, like problems matching to a listing, or duplicate listings.
    • To get more information and resolve listings that are not synced, visit the section below for specific Not Synced Status Details.


  • There are a subset of listings that are not synced and unactionable. This is usually the result of a publisher limitation where your business type is not supported by the site (e.g., the publisher does not provide listings for service-area businesses, certain categories, etc.).

Not Synced Warnings

Sometimes the data from one field, or a subset of fields, may not be syncing to the listing, but the rest of the content is being published to that site. This may occur because data in a field may not meet the publisher’s requirements, or because the field may be locked.

This warning differs from other listings that aren’t synced because we are syncing some data, and the status may be marked as Synced, whereas when listings are marked the Not Synced status, we may not be able to sync any data to that listing.

To view listings with these warnings, click Listings in the navigation bar, then click All Listings. Next, click on the + Add Filter button, select Warning as the additional filter, and set it to Yes. You may be able to use the combo-action drop-down button to resolve the issue. You can also reach out to Yext Support if needed.

Not Synced Status Details

Data Issue

There is an issue with the data you have stored in the platform. Data issues are almost always actionable by you and commonly solved by updating your information.

To take action to update the data, click on the information icon to determine which field is causing the issue, then click on the Verify Data button. This will take you to the desired entity so you can verify and update the information.

Duplicate Listing

The publisher has determined there is already a similar listing on their site.

Existing Relationship

This indicates that you already have a paid relationship with the publisher directly.

Linked Account Issue

Some publishers require you to link an account in order to sync with Yext. Linked account issues are actionable by you.

To link an account for a specific listing, click on the Verify Linked Account button next to the desired listing. For more information, see How to Link Facebook , or How to Link Google Business Profile .

Matching Issue

We were unable to match to a listing on the publisher, or the listing has already been suppressed.

Pending Review

The listing is pending review before updates can be made. Most of the time there is no action to be taken in these instances, and the review time can vary by publisher.

Publisher Error

There was an issue syncing to the publisher’s database. Sometimes, this error may also appear on synced listings, as the issue only affects one data field, so we will continue to sync the fields that are not affected. To learn more about the specific issue, reach out to Yext Support.

Publisher Limitation

The listing is not synced due to a limitation on the publisher’s end where they do not support the type of business on their site. For example, some publishers do not support service-area businesses, or may not list businesses with certain categories.

In most instances, there is no action that needs to be taken on these listings and they can remain not synced. To learn more, reach out to Yext Support.

Suspended Listing

The listing has been suspended, or marked as closed, on a publisher. To learn more about the specific issue, read the information in the Status Details column or reach out to Yext Support.


This indicates that the listing is pending verification from the publisher. To verify your Google Business Profile listing, click on the Verify Listing button to the right of the listing. For more information, see How to Verify your Google Business Profile listing .

To verify your Yelp listing, make sure that a valid website is added to the Website URL field, and that your business falls within the Yelp Eligibility Guidelines .