Step 1: Index the Data


As part of your account creation, we will provide you with a starting structure for your account (including Yext Content setup and a Search frontend and backend config) that you can then customize to get you off the ground. If you input your Zendesk Subdomain during account creation, then you’ll notice your Zendesk Help Articles are already loading into your account.

However, if you did not enter your Zendesk Subdomain earlier or are using a Playground Account, you can connect Yext and Zendesk to pull in your Zendesk Help Articles by following the below steps. The goal of this step is to make sure that your experience returns your brand’s actual data.

Add Data to Yext

  1. Navigate to Add Data. On the Content > Entities screen in your Yext account, click the on the +Add Data button. If you have a Zendesk Free Trial account, click Add Data in the right sidebar.

  2. Click Install an App in the Connectors section of the modal. If you clicked Add Data via the sidebar, you will already have been redirected to the App Directory.

  3. Select the Zendesk Help Center Connector App.

  4. Click Install and follow the install flow:

    • You will be prompted to authorize Yext to access your account and update your Entities. Click Next.
    • Enter your Zendesk Account Information. To import your Zendesk help articles to your Yext account, we will need your Zendesk subdomain. For information on how to find the subdomain, see this Zendesk help article .

    subdomain zendesk

    • Once you hit Authorize, the connector will run automatically and you will be taken to this screen:

    importing articles

Note that the time it takes the connector to run will vary depending on how many articles you have to import. Feel free to post in the Community with any questions or issues!

Alternatively, you can bulk upload your data to Yext using Excel. Review the Uploading Data to Yext training on how to use the Entity Upload.

light bulb
The Zendesk Help Center Connector App comes fully configured out of the box, including all entity and default field mappings. If you’d like to pull in other data types, access gated content or have full control over the configuration of your data mappings, you can leverage our native Zendesk Source! Navigate to Content > Connectors > Add Connector > Zendesk and choose the desired operation depending on the content you’d like to pull into Yext.