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Creating an App

Creating an app is very straightforward!

Prior to creating your first App, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Yext API endpoints so that you can effectively set up your App. You can review this information here on our documentation hub! Please find the Knowledge API endpoints here and the Live API endpoints here.

For more information on the difference between these API types, see our Introduction to APIs module.

To create your app, navigate to the developer console and select + New App in the bottom half of the page.

Add an App

From there you’ll be prompted to enter the App name, contact email for the App, and endpoint permissions. The App can be named at your discretion but we suggest it references the project so that you can easily differentiate the app (e.g. Store Locator or Reviews Feed). Under the permissions section, each endpoint in the Knowledge API can be set as “Read-only” or “Read/Write”. Live API endpoints are default “Read Only” because you cannot push information into Yext via this type of Yext API.

Creating an App

If you’re working on any sort of read/write integration, you should start by creating an App in a Developer Account. Developer Accounts allow you to test and QA in an environment that does not jeopardize production data (data syncing out to Listings, Pages, etc..!). Once you’ve completed testing, you can replicate your App in your production account. See more information about creating a developer account here.

Once you have finalized your setup, click Create App.

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