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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to navigate the App details screen
  • Available App settings & where to find your API key
  • App API Usage

App Details

Now that you’ve created your App, you should see it listed in your Developer Console overview screen. If you select View App Details you’ll find all your app’s settings. This includes core information that you input while creating the app, such as contact information, endpoint permissions, and a new permissions field called Custom Field Behavior. This setting allows you to specify how you want your app to be able to interact with custom fields.

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If your App requires creating, updating the definition of, or deleting Custom Fields, you’ll need to update the “Custom Field Behavior” setting.

App Details

The details page also includes important Credentials and Linking information like your API key. Your API key is essential and you’ll need this key in order to start developing and placing calls.

You’ll also notice there is the option to + Add Key underneath the API key section. You may be asking yourself - why would we need 2 API keys? It’s not uncommon for a project to transition hands, and for safety purposes you wish to change your API key without breaking the integration. By selecting + Add Key, you can generate a second key for your app. This will give you two API keys with the same function. You can then securely transition your integration, and navigate back to the details page to delete your original API key (by selecting the trash icon).

App API key

The Directory Information listed at the bottom of the screen is not required for client integrations and only needs to be filled out for App Directory Partners wishing to submit their App to the public database. You’ll learn more about the Yext App Directory in a later module. If you do not fall into this bucket, you can ignore this section.

App API Usage

Before we talk about API Usage, it’s important to understand that each account in Yext has a limit on the number of requests (API calls) that can be sent per hour. These limits depend on the API being leveraged and will be discussed more in the next unit.

You’ll notice the top section of the page also includes high level API usage stats for your App.

App API Usage

Once you start placing calls, you’ll want to monitor your app usage to see how frequently you’re running into errors (called peak error rate) and your peak requests per hour (called peak RPH). This will help you identify if certain apps are consuming your quota or running into errors that may indicate a potential issue with your integration.

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