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As of December 2022, Facebook is in the process of converting Pages from the existing Classic experience to the New Page Experience (NPE). This doc explains the key differences between the two page experiences and links to Facebook documentation for more information.

Changes to Supported Features

Facebook Feature Classic Page Experience New Page Experience
Stores tab Will be deprecated in 2023 Not supported
Enhanced content lists (ECL) Deprecated December 2022 Not supported
CTAs Supported Not supported
“About” field character limit 255 characters 100 characters
Default URL format https://www.facebook.com/1234567890 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1234567890

Migration Process

All Facebook Pages will eventually be migrated to the new New Page Experience. Facebook has not confirmed a final deadline for when the migration will be complete.

Classic Pages that are part of a Brand Structure will be the last to be migrated, once Facebook has completed planned product enhancements.

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