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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • An overview of Conversion Tracking
  • An understanding of the two types of conversion actions
  • Considerations when developing your conversion actions


Conversion Tracking enables you to track the clicks and conversions that can be attributed to your Listings, Pages, and Search experiences. When setting up Conversion Tracking, you can determine which customer actions constitute a conversion.

This allows you to understand the value of Yext, and the various Yext-powered customer facing experiences a user touches during their search journey.

Types of Conversion

Conversions from Listings can be tracked based on certain kinds of clicks, while conversions from Pages and Search can be triggered using a Javascript tag. Below is more detail on the two conversion action triggers:


Click-based conversion actions count a Conversion whenever a certain Click occurs. For example, you can consider every Driving Direction click to be a Conversion, or every Mobile Click-to-Call.

click based example


Tag-based conversion actions count a Conversion anywhere you are able to install the corresponding Javascript tags. These Conversions are attributed to Clicks that occurred earlier in the customer journey on Yext Pages, Search, and Knowledge Tags. For example, if a user clicks to your Yext-powered pages from Google, then clicks to place an order on your Page, and then completed a purchase on a non-Yext page, we will count those two clicks leading up to the conversion, and the final conversion if the Tag is installed on the order confirmation page.

tag based example

Conversion Tracking Strategy

As a business, your ultimate goal is for customers to choose your brand in search. And the way customers choose is through a click. As you saw above, those can be clicks on your business listings, entity pages, or even your main website. So it’s important to track how many clicks you’re generating to understand how successful your brand is in search, and what value you’re realizing from your Yext investment.

When thinking through these options and deciding what to track, think about the goals of your customer journey. What actions are you driving your customers towards with the help of Yext products?

For example, when looking at a brand’s website, what seem to be the major calls to action? What goals are you trying to drive site visitors towards?

Some easy examples include:

  • Contact Us
  • Call Now
  • Driving Directions
  • Download App
  • Order Now
  • RSVP
  • Book Now
  • Make a Reservation

Many times, one action can lead to another in the sequence of the customer journey. When looking at which conversions to track, you want to focus on the final goal in the sequence.

For example, if clicking “driving directions” on Pages takes you to Google Maps, where you can also click “driving directions”, then focus on the final Google Maps driving directions click, since that is the deepest part of the customer journey.

Additionally, if visitors who call usually follow-up by requesting driving directions, then don’t bother to track mobile clicks-to-call.


It’s best to start with a couple conversion actions and add more later (don’t try to implement everything). Start with the most important 1-3 conversion actions. For example, focus on “Online Order” or “Request a quote”- whatever the primary conversion action is.

Driving Directions will apply to pretty much all customers and it’s easy to set up, so that is a good place to start.

We recommend adding one tag-based conversion action (for e-commerce, etc.), and at least one listings-related click-triggered conversion action (e.g. Driving Directions).

The next unit will walk you through all of the steps to create these conversion actions.

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