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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • An overview of the metrics that are tracked via Conversion Tracking
  • How to view and adjust data to drill into specific insights

Conversion Tracking Screen

The Conversion Tracking screen provides you with a high-level overview of your conversions.

conversion tracking overview screen

This includes the following hero numbers:

  • Clicks: Total number of times a user clicked or tapped as a result of a Yext product.
  • Conversions: Total number of Conversions that were attributed to Clicks.
  • Conv. Rate: The total number of Conversions over a period of time divided by the total number of Clicks over the same period of time. Note that this percentage is based on the total number of Clicks and Conversions in a given period, regardless of whether the Conversions are specifically attributed to the Clicks.
  • Conv. Value: The aggregate value of the Conversions that have occurred. The value of a conversion is determined based on the Conversion Action settings.
  • Value/Conv.: The total conversion value divided by the number of conversions set up. This gives you the average monetary value of each conversion.

Clicking on any of these numbers will add it to your graph.

Graph add

These metrics can be dimensioned by:

  • Entity
  • Time
  • Product
  • Medium
  • Click Type
  • Conversion Type
  • Conversion Action

conversion type dropdown

Below the graph, the same data is displayed in a table format.

table format

The table can be segmented by the following criteria:

  • Product: The Yext Product associated with the click this conversion is attributed to. This will only display if there is more than one relevant product available in the account.
  • Medium: The page where the Click occurred.
  • Click Type: The type of click this conversion is attributed to.
  • Conversion Type: Type of Conversion Action this conversion is attributed to. This is determined by what you selected from the list when creating the Conversion Action.
  • Conversion Action: Name of the Conversion Action. This is the name entered when the Conversion Action was created.
  • Entity Type: Entity type associated with the click this conversion is attributed to.

Note that the segmentation selections will only apply to the table, and the graph will remain as is.

Once you add one criteria, you will also see the option to add additional criteria to drill down even further. For example, you can segment by Product and Click Type to view the Clicks, Conversion, Conv. Rate, and Conv. Value numbers on the Pages product broken down by Click Type.

click type dropdown

Conversion Tracking Metrics in Report Builder

All of the relevant Conversion Tracking metrics can also be found in the Report Builder and added to dashboards or custom reports.

conversion tracking metrics

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