Development Dependencies (< PagesJS 1.0.0) | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

This document lists the requirements needed to set up your local development environment.

  • Yext Account: If you do not have a Yext account, you can sign up for an account here .

  • Yext CLI: You will use this to initialize your site and build it locally. Refer to these  instructions  regarding installation.

  • Git: Refer to these instructions regarding installation.

  • A GitHub Account: If you don’t have a GitHub account, sign up for one here .

  • A Code Editor: If you don’t already have a code editor, we recommend downloading  VS Code .

  • Node.js and npm: Refer to these  instructions . You can confirm you have both by running the following commands in your CLI:

    • node -v
    • npm -v

    You must be on node version 17 or 18 to work with Pages.

  • Deno: You will need Deno v1.21.0 or higher installed on your machine for local development. Refer to these instructions regarding installation.

  • GitHub CLI: Refer to these instructions .

  • React: Pages supports React 17 which is referenced in the package.json of the respective starters and will be automatically installed with npm install once a starter repo is cloned.