Adobe Commerce | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use this source to pull products from Adobe Commerce (previously called Magento).


This source uses the Adobe API to fetch products from your Adobe Commerce account, returning results like you would receive by searching on the product grid page in the Admin. The metadata for each file will be part of the response.


To use this source, you need to retrieve your base URL and API Access token from your Adobe Commerce account.

To generate those credentials, follow the first three steps in this guide. Then, paste the details into the corresponding source inputs.


This source uses bearer token authentication. You can access an API access token in your Adobe Commerce account by navigating to Systems > Extensions > Integrations > Yext Integration.


Adobe Commerce utilizes page-based pagination.

Page Key searchCriteria[currentPage]
Page Start Value 0
Limit Key searchCriteria[pageSize]
Limit Value 50

Limits and Other Info

  • This source uses the searchCriteria[sortOrders] query parameter to sort the products in order of the ID field "searchCriteria[sortOrders][0][field]": "id"
  • No additional headers are used when making calls to Adobe’s endpoints.