Bizzabo | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Bizzabo source to bring in all information for your event(s).


This source uses the Bizzabo REST API for the following operations:

  1. Fetch Events: List all events for a single larger event
  2. Fetch Sessions: List all sessions for a single larger event
  3. Fetch Speakers: List all speakers for a single larger event
  4. Fetch Partners: List all partners for a single larger event


This source requires an event ID. To find the event ID, open the event in Bizzabo and extract the ID from the page URL. It should be a string of 6 numbers. For example, for the event URL the event ID is 391636.

This source also requires a Bizzabo API key for authentication. Clients must manually create an API key within their account before they can use this source. To create this API key, navigate to the Integrations > API tab and click Create API Key.


Bizzabo requires a bearer token for authentication. Authenticate your account by including your API key, which can be managed in your Bizzabo dashboard.


This source includes page based pagination. The pagination settings are:

Page Key page
Page Start Value 0
Total Pages Key page.totalPages
Detect Total Key In Response Body