Google Drive | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Google Drive source to pull your Google Drive files into Yext Content.

This source uses the Google API endpoints to:

  1. List all Files
  2. Export each File

The metadata for each file will be part of the response. For Google Drive Documents and Slides, specifically, the text content will also be ingested as a body field in the response.

See Fields below for a list of the fields returned in the JSON response (in addition to body , where present).


Select the Google Drive account to fetch your data from. This account must exist as Linked Account under the Google Built-in Provider.

If you have not already done so, you can add a linked account directly from the Connector Settings page (in the dropdown to select a Linked Account), or from Content > Configuration > Linked Accounts > Google in your Yext account.

When you click Add Linked Account, select the following scope: Then click Link and continue through the Google OAuth flow. This is the only required scope for this operation, and grants Yext permission to access your Drive.

Once the authentication setup is complete, you’ll need to provide a specific name and ID for your linked account. You may want to use the email address you linked as the Name, with the email preceded by google. for the Linked Account ID. For example, you might name your Linked Account, with the ID

Fetch Files

Use this operation to fetch files from your linked Google Drive account.

File Scope

Using the File Scope setting, designate the source from which to fetch files. Options include:

  • User
    • Files created by, opened by, or shared directly with the user will be included
  • Domain
    • Files shared to the user’s domain will be included
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The scope is specified in the API request by passing the chosen value as the corpora query param. See Google’s documentation for more information.

Fetch Files by Folder

Use this operation to fetch files from a specified folder in your linked Google Drive account.

Folder ID Input

This operation requires you to provide the folder ID of your Google Drive Folder. This ID can be found in the URL of your folder:[folderID].

Limits & Other Info


  1. id
  2. name
  3. mimeType
  4. starred
  5. trashed
  6. webContentLink
  7. webViewLink
  8. createdTime
  9. modifiedTime
  10. owners[]
    • displayName
    • permissionId
    • emailAddress
  11. lastModifyingUser
    • displayName
    • permissionId
    • emailAddress
  12. shared
  13. permissions[]
  14. originalFilename
  15. size
  16. imageMediaMetadata
  17. videoMediaMetadata
  18. permissionIds[]
  19. exportLinks
  20. driveId

Maximum File Size

The maximum file size that can be ingested is 1MB. If a file is above that threshold, the body content will not be ingested.

Trashed Items

Trashed items will not be returned in the response.