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Acquia CMS is powered by Drupal. Many companies use Drupal and Acquia to power their websites. Use the Drupal source to fetch different content types from your Drupal account.


This source uses the Drupal API for the following operations:

  1. Fetch Article Content
  2. Fetch Event Content
  3. Fetch Page Content
  4. Fetch Person Content
  5. Fetch Place Content
  6. Fetch Custom Content Type
  7. Fetch Document Media Type
  8. Fetch Image Media Type
  9. Fetch Video Media Type
  10. Fetch Custom Media Type
  11. Fetch Page Content (Private API)


All of the above operations require your Drupal Domain as an input.

The following operations require your Drupal Domain and additional inputs:

  1. Fetch Custom Content Type
    • Requires Drupal Entity Type ID (ID of the entity type in Drupal that you’d like to fetch)
  2. Fetch Custom Media Type
    • Requires Drupal Media Type ID (ID of the custom media type in Drupal that you’d like to fetch)
  3. Fetch Page Content (Private API)
    • Requires Drupal username and password


You must provide your Drupal domain (including http://) as the base of the API request in order to access the data in your account. There is no other authentication required.


Drupal utilizes cursor pagination. See Drupal’s documentation for further guidelines.

Cursor links.next.href
Detect Total Key In Response Body
Cursor Type Full URL

Limits and Other Info

  • The Drupal user must have the JSON:API module and Media modules installed.
  • Accept: application/vnd.api+json and Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json headers must be included in each call.