Jira | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use this source to fetch issues from any board in your Jira cloud account.


This source uses the Jira REST API endpoints to List all issues from a board.

You can list issues with a specific subset of fields or specify the fields.

Fetch Issues: Subset of Fields

This operation is limited to the following Jira field objects:

  • parent
  • summary
  • issueType
  • priority
  • resolution
  • status

Fetch Issues: Specify Fields

This operation requires you to specify all of the fields you want to pull from Jira into Yext. This should be a comma-separated list.


Your information must be stored on the Jira cloud in order to leverage this source. Jira on-premise is not currently supported. You are required to provide your Atlassian domain name, basic authentication credentials, and a board ID.


The Jira source uses basic authentication. Input your Jira username (the email address registered with Jira), and use the API token generated from Jira as your password. To generate an API token please refer to Jira documentation.

This source requires the read:board-scope:jira-software and read:issue-details:jira scopes for proper access.


Jira utilizes offset pagination.

Offset Key startAt
Offset Start Value 0
Limit Key maxResults
Limit Value 25

Limits and Other Info

  • These operations only includes issues that the user has permission to view. If the user does not have permission to view the desired board, no issues will be returned at all.
  • Issues returned from this source include Agile fields such as sprint, closedSprints, flagged, and epic.
  • Epic issues do not belong to the scrum boards.