YouTube | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the YouTube source to bring all of your videos into Yext Content.


This source uses the Google YouTube Data API to Fetch Videos.


This operation requires you to have linked your Google account to Yext. Navigate to Content > Configuration > Linked Accounts > Google and follow the authorization flow to link your account.

You are also required to input your YouTube Channel ID. See Google’s documentation for support in finding your Channel ID.


This operation requires OAuth for authentication. Once your Google account is linked in the Yext platform (following the steps above), your YouTube account will also be linked.


YouTube utilizes cursor pagination.

Cursor nextPageToken
Detect Total Key In Response Body
Cursor Type Token

Limits and Other Info

This source includes a few query parameters that are added to the request URL for optimal use. The Channel ID is included as a parameter, along with the YouTube required parameter of part=snippet, and sets the type parameter equal to video (this ensures that only video resources are returned in the response).

Building off of the source uses a Yext-owned API key that has a daily default quota limit of 10,000 units per day. This equates to 10,000 videos per day, as reading 1 video through the API usually costs 1 unit.

Additionally, YouTube does not allow a response of more than 500 videos per channel ID for non-owners. This means that because the source leverages Yext’s API key on our clients behalf, a client can only pull in a maximum of 500 videos. In order to avoid this limit, you can create your own custom Pull from API Connector that uses your own YouTube API key.