Confluence | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Confluence source to pull content from your Confluence account into Yext Content.


This source uses the Confluence API endpoints to List Content Properties.


To use the Confluence source, you will need to provide your Confluence subdomain. This can be found in the first part of your Confluence account URL, e.g.,


This operation utilizes basic authentication. You are required to provide your Confluence username and password. Your Confluence username is the email address you use to log into your Confluence account. The password you provide is the API token that you previously generated in your Confluence account. Find your API token by clicking “Create API Token” on your Account screen. If you need help creating a token, see the “Create an API Token” section of this Confluence support guide.


This operation utilizes offset pagination. The pagination settings are as follows:

Offset Key start
Offset Start Value 0
Limit Key limit
Limit Value 0

Limits and Other Info


This operation contains a query parameter that is used to expand the content fields that are returned in the response. For a full reference of each expand type please refer to the Confluence Expansions documentation.

The expand parameter is set to include the following field types:

  • Body.view
  • childTypes.all
  • History
  • Space
  • Metadata.labels
  • history.lastUpdated

Content Types

The type of content requested in the operation is limited to Pages and Blog Posts. Your selection is appended as a query parameter.

The metadata for each content type will be part of the response.