BigCommerce | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the BigCommerce source to pull product data into Yext.


This source uses the BigCommerce REST Management/Catalog API for the following operations:

  1. Fetch Products: fetch high-level product data
  2. Fetch Product Categories: fetch a list of categories with IDs that link to product entities


The BigCommerce source requires inputs to provision access to your BigCommerce store. You are required to input your Store Hash and Access Token. You will need to create an app in your BigCommerce account in order to generate these values.

The inputs you will need to enter are as follows:

  • Access Token: the Access Token is found in the .txt file downloaded after creating a BigCommerce app.
  • Store Hash: the Store Hash, or Store ID, can be found in your BigCommerce URL, e.g., https://store-[storeHash]


All BigCommerce REST Management/Catalog API queries require a valid BigCommerce access token. The API Key for this source is passed by an X-Auth-Token header. This is the Access Token mentioned above.


  • Products: read-only


The BigCommerce source supports page based pagination. For more details on BigCommerce pagination, refer to their documentation.

Page Key page
Page Start Value 1
Total Pages Key meta.pagination.total_pages
Total Pages Key In Response Body
Limit Key Limit
Limit Value 20
Max Page Count N/A

Limits and Other Info

These operations have a request-based rate limit of 150 requests per 30 seconds for Plus & Standard BigCommerce customers, 450 per 30 seconds for Pro customers, and unlimited requests for Enterprise/Dev/Partner/Employee plans. Rate limits to the infrastructure may apply. Review more details in the BigCommerce API documentation .

Fetch Products

To pull in product images, this source includes a query parameter with the key include and the value equal to a comma separated list of images,primary_image.

Fetch Product Categories

We recommend linking product categories to products using linked entities. You will need to have product entities created in your account before linking to entities.