Kustomer | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Kustomer source to pull in your Articles, Conversations, and Messages.


This source uses the Kustomer API for the following operations:

  1. Fetch Articles: fetch knowledge base articles
  2. Fetch Conversations: fetch customer conversations
  3. Fetch Messages: fetch customer messages


You are required to input your API key and Kustomer Knowledge Base domain.

To generate an API key, navigate to Settings > Security > API Keys. Set the expiration to “No Expiration” and choose the appropriate role for the operation:

  • Fetch Articles: org.admin.kb
  • Fetch Conversations: org.permission
  • Fetch Messages: org.permission

To find your Knowledge Base domain, go to Settings > Knowledge Base > Configuration. Make sure to use the full domain including the https://.


Kustomer utilizes cursor-based pagination.

Cursor links.next
Page Start Value 0
Detect Cursor In Response Body
Cursor Type Relative URL

Limits and Other Info

Rate Limits

A rate limit of 300 API calls per minute is set by default for all pricing tiers.


The API request includes a hard-coded header to return the request body in JSON format.

Header Key Content-Type
Header Value application/json