Contentful | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Contentful source to pull custom content types and data into Yext.


Use this operation to fetch entries from your Contentful account. This source uses the Contentful Content Delivery API to List all entries within a single content type.


You are required to input your Contentful Space ID and Environment ID in order to pull in the proper data. Your Contentful Space ID is your unique Contentful identifier. You can find this in your Contentful account URL, e.g.,[SPACE ID]/home.

The Environment ID should correspond to the environment where you have your desired data set up in Contentful. If you have not set up additional environments, the default environment is “master”.

You should also provide the content type that you are pulling from Contentful. This allows you to filter to a single content type at a time.


This source requires a Contentful API key for authentication. You can create API keys using the Contentful web app. Open the space that you want to access and navigate to Settings > API Keys.


The API key that you create must be set up with permissions to access the desired environment to pull content from. For example, an access token that only has access to the master environment of your space cannot be used to access content from any other environment.


Contentful supports offset pagination. The pagination settings are as follows:

Offset Key skip
Offset Start Value 0
Limit Key limit
Limit Value 100

Limits and Other Info

The Content Delivery API enforces rate limits of 55 requests per second. Higher rate limits may apply depending on your current plan.