Storyblok | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Storyblok source to pull Stories from your Storyblok account into Yext. You can set up multiple Storyblok connectors for each Story type that you want to pull into Yext Content.


This source uses the Storyblok API to List all Stories.


You will need to provide your story slug for the content you are going to pull in. This should be the leading prefix for your slug.

Follow these steps to navigate to the Draft JSON of your desired story type and view your full slug. Include the backslash in your input, e.g., articles/ or authors/. This slug is included as a query parameter to filter the request to the specified story type.


An API key is required to access data stored in Storyblok. Generate a preview API token from your Space Dashboard. You will be able to access both draft and published content entries in your space.


Storyblok utilizes page-based pagination.

Page Key page
Pages Start Value 1
Limit Key per_page
Total Pages Key total
Detect Total Pages Key In Header

Limits and Other Info

  • This source sets a rate limit of 10 requests per second.
  • Trashed items are excluded and will not be returned in the response.