Connector Triggers | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Connectors can be triggered manually or automatically by the Yext system. The available trigger types vary based on the source of the connector.

All connectors (except those using Push to API ) can only have one run in progress at a time. This means that if a connector run is in progress and a second trigger is attempted on the same connector, the second run will not start. Note that this also applies to scheduled connector runs — for example, if a connector is run manually, and a scheduled connector run attempts while the manual run is in progress, the scheduled run will not occur.

All trigger types support dry runs and any run mode (default, deletion, or comprehensive).

Below is a table of the available connector triggers and the connector sources they are compatible with (scroll horizontally to view):

Manual - In Platform Manual - Via API Scheduled Runs Linked Connectors Crawler Completion
All Native Sources Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Crawler Yes Yes No Yes Yes
File Upload Yes No No No No
Function Yes Yes Yes Yes No
FTP/SFTP Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Pull from API Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Push to API No Yes No No No

Manual Triggers

Via the Platform

A user can trigger a connector run manually from the Yext platform. This user will be recorded with the results of the run. The user who triggered the run will be noted in the run results.

Eligible sources:


Connector runs can also be manually triggered via a request to an API endpoint.

Use the /trigger endpoint for the following sources:

Use the /pushData endpoint for Push to API connectors.

System Automated Triggers

Scheduled Runs

Schedules will trigger a connector run at a given frequency (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly).

Eligible sources:

Linked Connector Runs

A linked connector trigger will trigger a connector run based off the completion of a different connector run. For example, if you want Connector B to run when Connector A is completed, you can configure Connector B’s settings to specify Connector A as the linked connector.

It may take up to two minutes after the linked connector is completed for the next run to be triggered.

The linked connector must complete its run with either the Completed or Completed with Errors run status in order to trigger the next run. If the linked connector is in any of the Canceled, Aborted, Failed, or Ready for Review statuses, the next run will not be triggered.

Eligible sources:

Crawler Completion

Use this trigger to run a connector whenever its source crawler completes a crawl.

In order to trigger a run based on crawler completion, the following must be true:

  1. At least one page in the crawl must have an update detected (i.e., if no updates are detected in the crawl, there will be nothing for the connector to update, and therefore it will not run)
  2. The crawl must be fully completed (i.e., Canceled or In Progress crawls will not trigger a connector run)