WooCommerce | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the WooCommerce source to pull Product data from your WordPress account into Yext.


This source uses the WooCommerce API to List All Products.


In order to use the WooCommerce APIs, you must use either WooCommerce 3.5+ or WordPress 4.4+. You also must be using pretty permalinks (configure in Settings > Permalinks) so that the custom endpoints are supported. Default permalinks will not work.

You are required to input your WordPress domain name for this source. You can find this in your WordPress site URL, e.g., https://www.yoursite.com.


This endpoint uses basic authentication, using a username and password generated through an API key as credentials. See WooCommerce documentation for steps to generate an API key.

Your username is the Consumer Key from the WooCommerce REST API key generator, and the Consumer Secret is your password.


WooCommerce utilizes cursor pagination. Refer to WooCommerce documentation for more information on pagination.

Rel Label next
Detect Cursor In Link Header
Cursor Type Full URL

Limits and Other Info

  • There is no rate limiting for the WooCommerce API
  • By default this endpoint limits 10 products per page. Note that there are a lot of fields returned in the API response, sometimes causing the raw response or selectors to load slowly.