Reddit | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


This source uses the Reddit API for these operations:

  1. Fetch Posts
  2. Fetch Comments

Fetch Posts${{subreddit}}.json

Fetch a list of all posts within a subreddit with a request to the subreddit endpoint; this returns data about each post.


  • data.selftext_html
  • data.title
  • data.url

Fetch Comments${{subreddit}}/comments.json

Fetch comments on posts within a subreddit with a request to the comments endpoint.

Note: The first object returned is the original post itself, denoted by the kind value t3. In this call, comment fields are stored as objects with the kind value t1.


  • data.body_html
  • data.linkid
  • data.permalink
  • data.link_permalink
  • link_id
  • parent_id


Reddit requires OAuth 2.0 for use of their API. Reddit is a built-in OAuth provider in the Yext platform. Each user will need to link their Reddit account for authenticating and authorizing requests.



Reddit utilizes cursor pagination.

Page Key after
Cursor data.after
Cursor Type token
Detect Cursor In Response Body

Limits and Other Info

For GET requests, the rate limit is 60 requests per minute. See Reddit documentation on Github for more documentation on rate limit rules.