Validation | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

In general, the validation that the connector applies can be thought of as the same validation required when adding entities via the API. This means that validation errors (such as invalid characters) are often not specific to the connector. If the attempted value was injected into the field via Entity Edit, the same validation error would likely appear (outside of special field-type behavior ). This can often be a good way to manually debug failing entities.

In the Map Data card in the navigation, you’ll see a summary of the validation.

Mapped Fields

Counts for the number of successfully validated mappings and mappings with warnings are shown.

Field-Level Validation Preview

Within the configuration screen, you’ll be able to view the predicted validation result for all data within the preview table. Prior to actually running the connector, the system attempts to discern whether a mapping is valid by comparing a value from one of the preview rows to the validation rules of the field it is mapped to. Any errors or warnings it detects are displayed.

Note that successful validation is not a requirement to successfully save or run the connector, and these validation previews are meant as a guide.