Shopify | Yext Hitchhikers Platform


Use the Shopify source to pull your product catalog into Yext.


This source uses the Shopify Admin API for the following operations:

  1. Fetch Products: fetch high-level product data
  2. Fetch Variants: fetch a list of product variants and their details, including images
  3. Fetch Collections: fetch a list of products within a collection


To use this source, you must input your Shopify store name. You can find this in your Shopify URL, e.g.,

You must also provide your Shopify API Access Token.


All REST Admin API queries require a valid Shopify access token. This source includes the token you provide as a header, X-Shopify-Access-Token. Clients must manually create an API key within their account before they can use this source. To create an API key, you must first create a custom app by navigating to Apps & sales channels > Develop apps.


  • read_products

All apps need to request access to specific store data during the app authorization process. For more details on Shopify API access scopes, refer to Shopify documentation.


The Shopify source supports cursor-based pagination in the form of a link header. The link header returns the next page of data as a full url with the next relation label. For more details, refer to Shopify documentation.

Page Key page
Page Start Value 0
Total Pages Key page.totalPages
Detect Total Key In Response Body

Limits and Other Info

This source utilizes the Shopify REST Admin API. This API has a request-based rate limit of two requests per second for standard Shopify customers and four requests per second for Shopify Plus customers.

Shopify includes an API version as part of the request URL. This source utilizes the most recent API version, and will be kept up to date as Shopify releases newer versions.