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In this section, you will learn:

  • Answers analytics event types
  • Where to define click event types
  • How to view event types in Analytics
  • What each Answers event type represents


There are a variety of Analytics metrics that are captured within an Answers Experience. At a high level, we track what users are searching and how they interact with the results. As noted in the previous unit, this information can be accessed from the Answers Overview screen, as well as in the Report Builder and Dashboards in Analytics.

These Answers analytics metrics are all compiled based on data that is gathered on individual user interactions that occur in the Answers experience. We call these user interactions “events”. We collect data for two classes of events - clicks and non-clicks - and then expose that data through the Answers metrics.

What Answers Analytics event types are available in the platform

All Answers Analytics event types that are shown in the platform can be split into two classes: clicks and non-clicks.

Click Event Types

All Answers Click Event Types are aggregated into the Answers metric for “Answers Clicks”. Individual Click Event Types can be broken out in Report Builder when you dimension by Click Type. The available click event types in the platform are:

  • RSVP

click event types

Non-Click Event Types

Answers also collects data on events that are not direct clicks in the Answers experience, but based on other interactions in and around the experience. Currently, you can find two non-click event types in the platform:


Both of these event types are rolled up into their own Answers metrics that can be found in Report Builder: Case Starts and Cases Submits.

Case Submission Search Terms

What each Analytics event type represents

Now that you’ve learned what Answers Analytics eevnt types are available and how to find them, it’s important to understand what each of these metrics represents and how they are triggered in an experience.

TITLE_CLICK - This is a click to the heading of a result card. This also includes clicks to links in the Links section.

example of title click metric that is collected

CTA_CLICK - This is a click on a result card to a CTA set in the Knowledge Graph (includes the CTA on an FAQ result card). Other examples of this event include clicks to a “Visit Page” CTA set in the Knowledge Graph for a Product or a “Learn More” CTA set in the Knowledge Graph for a Service.

example of a CTA click

To help users differentiate between different types of CTA clicks in Analytics, Answers Admins are able to use several more click event types in place of CTA_CLICK for CTAs:

  • DRIVING_DIRECTIONS (use with built-in “Get Directions” CTA)
  • RSVP
  • TAP_TO_CALL (use with built-in “Call” CTA)

example of a tap to call

To set the event type for CTA clicks, navigate to the card component.js file and edit the eventType property in CTA object (you’ll have to fork the card if it isn’t already), like so:

CTA1: {
  label: profile.c_primaryCTA ? profile.c_primaryCTA.label : null, // The CTA's label
  iconName: 'chevron', // The icon to use for the CTA
  url: Formatter.generateCTAFieldTypeLink(profile.c_primaryCTA), // The URL a user will be directed to when clicking
  target: '_top', // Where the new URL will be opened
  eventType: 'CTA_CLICK', // Type of Analytics event fired when clicking the CTA
  eventOptions: this.addDefaultEventOptions()

ROW_EXPAND - This is a click to expand an FAQ result card. By default, all FAQs start collapsed, so the initial click to expand and see the information is registered as a ROW_EXPAND event.

example of row expand click

THUMBS_UP - This is a click to that provides feedback on direct answers to show whether the answer was what the user was looking for.

example of thumbs up click

CASE_START - With deflection metrics for support search, Answers experiences can be integrated on your ticket form to deflect case volume. Users can search directly in the Answers experience. You can also set up an interaction between the form category field and the search bar to run searches based on the category. This event type captures searches that were run in Answers integrated on your ticket form.

example of case start

CASE_SUBMIT - Once users run a search on your Answers experience integrated on your ticket form, this event type captures whether a case ticket was submitted.

example of case submit

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