Yext Search Overview | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Search is on your website, your apps, your help site, your intranet, and nearly every other place people are looking to engage with your brand. People expect the ability to ask questions in their own words, and to get a direct answer to their questions.

Yext Search allows you to easily build search on your websites and apps to optimize your users’ search experience. Yext Search:

  • Understands natural language to parse out the user intent
  • Uses a multi-algorithm approach to optimize across different types of queries and content
  • Is built on top of the Yext platform, allowing you to easily update all the content that feeds into search

Search Backend

Configure your Search configuration to specify what attributes should be searched and how for each type of content.

Resources to Get Started:

Search Frontend

Build your Search frontend to display results. You have a handful of options using our libraries.

Resources to Get Started:


Once you implement search, you can monitor the search queries and analytics and make changes to optimize your experience.


At the core of Yext Search is the Search API, a REST API used for querying data. Full stack developers can build on top of the Search API for total customization and new use cases in non-Javascript based projects.

Resources to Get Started: