Applied Filters | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

The Applied Filters Component displays currently applied NLP filters that were triggered by the Search algorithm (as determined by your search configuration) as a row of text tags. To learn more about NLP filters see the Searchable and Display Fields training unit .

Applied Filters on Vertical page


appliedFilters: {
    show: true, // If true, show any applied filters that were applied to the universal search. Defaults to true
    showFieldNames: false, // If is true, whether to display the field name of an applied filter, e.g. "Location: Virginia" vs just "Virginia". Defaults to false.
    hiddenFields: ['builtin.entityType'], // If is true, this is list of filters that should not be displayed. By default, builtin.entityType will be hidden
    resultsCountSeparator: '|',// The character that separates the count of results (e.g. “1-6”) from the applied filter bar. Defaults to '|'
    showChangeFilters: false, // Whether to display the change filters link in universal results. Defaults to false.
    changeFiltersText: 'change filters', // The text for the change filters link. Defaults to 'change filters'.
    delimiter: '|', // The character that separates each field (and its associated filters) within the applied filter bar. Defaults to '|'
    labelText: 'Filters applied to this search:', // The aria-label given to the applied filters bar. Defaults to 'Filters applied to this search:'.